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Lamma Island Attractions

Hung Shing Yeh Beach - The best beach on the island for a full beach experience, and official government beach it has lifeguards, changing rooms and toilets as well as shark nets.  Some facilities only open during the swimming season, but the pure white sands are always there!

Kamikaze Cave - A sad and often forgotten part of Hong Kong history from the Japanese occupation when the occupying forces tried to prepare suicide speedboats as a last ditch defense of Japanese Hong Kong. Happily they were never used but the caves made to store them are still to be found.  Located 15 minutes walk from Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier, past the Tin Hau temple.

Lamma Fisherfolk's Village - Located on a traditional fish farming floating pontoon off the coast of Sok Kwu Wan this living history and heritage discovery centre is operated by a retired fishermen to not only preserve traditional fishing techniques and lifestyle, but to allow visitors to experience and learn them. Entry fees apply. Shuttle boat runs from public pier. Tickets available on shore.

Lamma Winds - The Hong Kong Electric wind farm, though consisting of one one larger turbine, is interesting in that it is open to the public to visit.  Although a 40 minute walk from Yung Shue Wan it is well worth the trip if you would like the experience of standing within meters of an operating modern wind turbine, something not possible elsewhere. Open 7am to 6pm every day.

Ling Kok Shan Hiking Trail - A well signposted official hiking path around interesting parts of the island this route takes you from Sok Kwu Wan, past Mo Tat Village and then through wild hills that once housed farms but have now gone back to nature. The route is circular and after taking you to the top of the hill goes back down to Sok Kwu Wan in about a total of two or three hours. Great for those wanting to exert themselves a little while on vacation!

Lamma Island Family Trail - This more gentle route is designed for those who don't like going in circles, because in this case it takes you from Sok Kwu Wan to Yeung Shue Wan, or in the other direction if you so choose.  There are hill top pavilions along the way to stop and rest or have a picnic, it also passes by the Kamikaze caves as well as the old village buildings along the way.  Taking about 2 hours the slopes are mostly gentle and practical for families with smaller children.

Tin Hau Temple at Yung Shue Wan - As a protector of fishermen the Taoist deity Tin Hau is of course very important on Lamma and there are no less than three temples to Tin Hau. But it is the one at Yeung Shue Wan which is the most important and by far the oldest. The original building date has been lost but as it underwent a major renovation in 1876 it is known to be much older than the others. As recently as the 1960s it was still being maintained when the current stone lions, in an unusual style, were installed. The temple is right next to the Yeung She Wan playground.

Yung Shue Wan Main Street - The busiest street on Lamma this mixture of traditional fishing village and western influences as buzzing with life every day. A diverse range of shops and restaurants makes it a mix of visiting China, Europe, the Middle East and all parts of Asia. Have a world vacation in one afternoon at Yeung She Wan!

Bike Hire - With no cars and only a few motorized carts on Lamma the majority of the wheeled population is bicycles! Join the locals and bike around the island by hiring a bike!  For the more adventurous wanting to experience one of Lammas mountain bike trails though it is best to bring your own as the hire bikes are basic ones just for exploring the villages.

Other interestnig Hong Kong attractions

Food and Dining

Because of the heritage of Lamma as a working fishing island there is no shortage of seafood restaurants on the island. Combined with the Cantonese love of fresh seafood and it is not hard to imagine how Lamma has become a go-to place for a seafood dinner.

There a large number of restaurants both at Yung Shue Wan and at Sok Kwu Wan, and both have a main street with a range of seafood restaurants. If Seafood is the main reason for your visit then Sok Kwu Wan will provide all your needs, but if you are interested in a wider range of cuisine and have more time then Yung Shue Wan while give you more choices.

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