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History of Lamma Island

Located near Hong Kong island the Island of Lamma is actually the third largest by area, but one of the least populace of the populated islands. In historic times as far back as the Bronze Age there have been settlements on Lamma, though the details of these are not all clear. Certainly it has had fishing fleets operating out of its natural harbours and using the gentle beaches for hundreds of years.

1826 - Tin Hau temple constructed at Sok Kwu Wan village. Dedicated to the protector of fishermen this important building still stands.

1898 - Lamma Island comes under British Colonial rule as part of the "New Territories"

1945 - Location of torpedo boats by the Japanese Navy. Tunnels associated with them are still seen on the island.

1960s - Public Piers constructed on the island making transport to and from Hong Kong island much easier.

1978 - Completion of Hong Kong Electric Co power station.


Food and Dining

Because of the heritage of Lamma as a working fishing island there is no shortage of seafood restaurants on the island. Combined with the Cantonese love of fresh seafood and it is not hard to imagine how Lamma has become a go-to place for a seafood dinner.

There a large number of restaurants both at Yung Shue Wan and at Sok Kwu Wan, and both have a main street with a range of seafood restaurants. If Seafood is the main reason for your visit then Sok Kwu Wan will provide all your needs, but if you are interested in a wider range of cuisine and have more time then Yung Shue Wan while give you more choices.

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